Why Constant Bad Beats Occur – Is Online Poker Rigged?

You would not get in the cockpit of an airplane and take off without first knowing how to land the plane would you? In the same respect, you should not play online poker unless you fully understand the software used by the pokersites. Answer the question, “is online poker rigged?” and discover the reality behind constant bad beats in this article.


The online poker game is not the same as a live game. Mainly because a computer generated program makes the determination of cards dealt to players. Furthermore, the software also has added algorithms in place that adversely change the game from live statistics and probabilities, resulting in constant bad beats. Any person that is convinced the online poker game is the same as a live game in respect to the shuffle, deal and outcome of hands is destined to lose and become a deposit junkie to the online poker site. On the other hand, if you take a methodical and educated approach to online poker, you will soon discover that the game is somewhat skewed, which cause many to ask is online poker rigged? The declaration of is online poker rigged is a result of the constant bad beats experienced by seasoned players, while players who view the game as luck may feel nothing is wrong with the online poker games. In reality, Poker is a game of applied mathematics and by nature must follow certain statistical rules. Much the same way as any game of skill like chess or backgammon. However, when a computer program is charged with the job of selecting the cards, the deal and the outcomes, the game inherently becomes less of a game of skill and more of a game of chance. Moreover, when a game borders on chance and luck, it actually becomes easier to beat.

As much as online poker is a game of skill in live play, this is not so true in online poker. Because of the algorithms pokersites add into the software, it essentially robs the skill factor and replaces it with a degree of luck. For this
very reason, any person playing online poker should learn those algorithms and how they work to again level the field and make it easier to win online poker.

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