Playing Poker in Online Poker Sites

Plenty of folks prefer to use the internet for many of things. The most trendy uses for this is to check email letters, talk to several associates, engage in some big business opportunities as well as also to play very fun games. It is no small wonder that the internet has become quite accepted as a source communicatoin and entertainment. Do you want to know about something else that is considered as a very trendy thing? It is playing online poker on several online internet sites. you can now have tons of enjoyable when you play online poker courtesy of hundreds of online poker sites. It is not very hard to get started playing online poker because all you really need is your computer and an internet connection at hand. There is even no need for you to keep a poker face since no one will get to see you as you play; you folks who cannoy keep a decent poker face will be very thankful for this.


If you happen to be a beginner, you might have considered trying to experience in the poker sites that let you play for free since you will surely need the practice before you play with the big boys. With these free sites, you get to play poker free of charge but you’ll need to sign up with the website however. Do not worry, that is a mere formality plus you will not be charged a thing unless however, you choose not to experience the free poker games and choose to play with money instead. However, ensure that the online poker site isn’t bogus so that your personal info will not get into the hands of thieves as well as scammers. Another thing that you can do if you play online poker plus you do not want to spend money is to play using chips. This way, you may feel like you are playing a real poker game plus yet not part with a cent. There is no way that you can go broke when you do this as well as yet, you still have fun playing online poker. You may have a lot of online poker sites to choose from that offer these free online poker games.

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  1. Andrew S Says:

    Give me the best online poker sites with bonus code if you have it. I want to gamble and play real money poker online.

  2. Milk84 Says:

    I’m looking for the best poker site to make money.

    The sign up bonus on this site ( looks great but I’m wondering if there is anything better, any advice?

  3. wwwavid360gamercom Says:

    I recently discovered something with online poker while taking notes on players. I found the majority of my 10 person table were playing at least 5 tables at once. In 15 minutes of tagging them I found that upto 9 out of 10 players at most tables were multitabling. This raised an alarm with me because popular poker theory will suggest that to be a pro you have to label you oppenents and their styles, their timing, and their bet choices in respect to positioning. Only a genius could beat good poker players while playing 5-20 tables at once. I found multitabling going on like this up to the highest stakes.

    Colluding is supposed to be monitored by the game site but if people colluded around the world it couldn’t be possible to prove. And why would the game site want to shut down a behavior that pays them a rake. A seperate but same party could setup the colluding aspect making 9 bots for every 1 human. And the game site wouldn’t care because they aren’t doing anything illegal. They pay 300,000 easy for a bad beat so obviously this is a millions and billion dollar industry.

    All someone has to do is set up people (or programs) around the world to play and share info from there hands to get the edge to win without reading the oppenents play. And there are no police to go to because its an international issue. One company or group could own all the sites and steal billions. Like a filter that steals loose change.

    Am I just being paranoid, or is this a huge criminal act?

    Can I play online poker with out being cheated
    Darb D
    How can 100 players from a hundred different countries be tracked and ‘caught’

    Why would the poker companies try to catch them.

    Not a lucrative business? Theres billions involved.
    Notes are not just to be taken before, because good players will change moment to moment.

    Cheaters will target new players, not experience ones.
    a pro who plays multiple tables cannot compete against one who plays one

    it would take genius’s to play 7 or more tables properly against other pro’s

    I say pro’s because only an experienced player can make a profit with mutilple table’s and 90 percent of players are doing this. so they have to be a pro to beat the other experience players

  4. Mark M Says:

    What is the BEST online poker site? Why?

  5. Eric Says:

    what is the best online poker website(prefferibly without having to download anything)?

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