Online Poker Playing Styles

Online poker playing styles are 4 in kinds. This categorization is done on the basis of number of times a player plays a hand in the game and the nature of betting a player does during the tournament. Based on such criteria, it can be of 4 different styles which are loose-aggressive, tight-aggressive, loose-passive and tight-passive. It is very important yet difficult to find the online poker playing style of your opponent so that you can make the right moves to beat him.Loose aggressive styleSuch kind of players can be identified by his tendency of betting it all at every hand. Such generous betting makes it very hard for any person to fundamentally understand the difference between the reaction of the person in times of holding or not holding a good hand. It is so because both the times he is put a huge bet therefore making him hard to read.Tight aggressive styleA player having this particular style of playing hardly bets until and unless he has real good cards.

He doesn’t bet just to bluff or create a false impression. He believes in playing safe. As a result when he is fully confident that he has a very good hand he will definitely bet as per his capacity and is likely to win. So when ever you find a tight aggressive kind of player making a bet, you should beware of being exposed to a very good hand. On the other hand, even if it is not a smart move, loose aggressive player will still be founding betting.Loose passive styleThis kind of player is very curious in seeing the cards. He can be found to call the flop. He generally plays with very small bet and will call your cards very often by showing the cards. He is hardly interested in making a raise because that will put his money on hold. This kind of player never helps in making the game of a big sum due to consistent calling upon small betsTight passive styleThis kind of people does not show their cards until and unless they believe that they have really good combination. Even if they consider their hand to be good then also they will hardly even raise or bet and will only limp.Tight aggressive is considered to be the best style of playing as it takes you to the long run because all the other kinds are very short lived.

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